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The Sullivan Method: New York Essays – Analysis & Commentary: July 2001 – July 2005 contains all essays that appeared on these bar exams, and precise analysis and commentary – 45 essays in all. The essays are reproduced exactly as they appeared.

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No effort has been spared to make the analysis of the essays clear and easily digestible. Commentary is provided so that you become familiar with the style and substance of the New York essay exam. Ultimately, these materials serve to reinforce your substantive knowledge of each subject. Improving your knowledge of the law and refining your writing style is the end result.

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Zadie Smith Saves the New York City Essay ..

Yet that year gave her an insider's insight on how the studios worked and resulted in one of her more memorable New Yorker essays, "Why Are Movies So Bad? or, The Numbers," in which she wrote: "There are a lot of reasons movies have been so bad during the last couple of years and probably won't be any better for the next couple of years. One big reason is that rotten pictures are making money. . . . "