Photoessay: Autumn near Bandai – Ming Thein | Photographer

Ferric Chloride is a popular and easy-to-obtain etchant. This photoessay guides you through the process of using it on the board we created in the essay on Press 'n' Peel Blue.

Photoessay of the cutaneous manifestations of the idiopathic inflammatory myopathies

: markie_farkie: Great journey and photoessay!

I'm sure the olfactory component of your trip was equally stunning. Trains there basically drop bathroom waste directly onto the tracks, correct?

That is correct! Though I did ride one train w a fancy bio-toilet.

Photoessays – Ming Thein | Photographer

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Today’s photoessay is a quick landscape reminiscence from the end of last year; and I mean quick in both execution and conception. I captured these in approximately an hour, from two locations – one, not far from the ryokan at which I stayed during my visit to the Sigma factory outside Aizu, Japan; two, at a bridge overlook again very close to the Sigma factory (for which I requested a quick vehicle stop after seeing what was underneath it, and the unique perspective afforded by the height of the bridge). Nevertheless, I find we often encounter these single very strong locations that yield a large number of views and images (something similar happened in the outside Queenstown, New Zealand); they feel like brief chance encounters with random strangers with whom you just ‘click’ and promise to keep in touch with again; whether or not that transpires is another matter entirely. Many are in fact a sort of portrait of the location (even if ‘landscape portrait sounds rather odd). But for those moments, it was fun. I can only hope that in this series some of that magic of the cool breeze, clear sky and rustle of dry leaves carries through. MT