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In many schools, instructors ask their students to write papers about The Crucible. This famous play describes the Salem witch trials. The story tells about a young girl who was lusted for a married man and started a witch hunt for him. You can write your essay about many topics. However, it makes sense to consider the key events and characters’ features. The most popular essay topics are why one character did what he or she did. You can brainstorm some essay ideas or look through 10 brand new college paper topics to get started:

Popular Essay Topics for College Styudents

This may be one of the most popular essay topics out there…and it’s also one of the most boring clichés around. Nobody needs a summary of your vacation – people know what happens on mission trips and during volunteer hours.

Never Use Popular Essay Topics For High School Writing Assignments

What To Expect From The GED Exam: Popular Essay Topics

When it comes time to write essays for college entrance, you might begin to feel like you are writing the same essays over and over again. In the past few years, many colleges have used the same few essay ideas. Most of the essay prompts have revolved around personal experiences and what students have learned from their experiences. These are a few of the most popular essay topics: