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Best known as the poet-scientist who wrote hauntingly of time and evolution, Loren Eiseley turned to the popular essay in mid-career, gaining widespread recognition with The Immense Journey (1957). He wrote over 75 essays, along with scientific articles, reviews, and science-fiction sketches, many of which were later incorporated into his books and his autobiography, All the Strange Hours: The Excavation of a Life (1975). A respected anthropologist and expert on evolutionary history, he preferred to write for the general audience, blending scientific insights with moments of wonder and delight. His persona of the compassionate scientist appealed to many readers. A master stylist, Eiseley was a writer of grace and eloquence whose finest essays extend the tradition of American meditative natural history writing.

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Well, lucky you are it is a popular music essay, not an essay on Quantum Physics. And you are definitely lucky this is the sphere that updates every day, not from scientific publication to scientific publication.

The main thing that unites all popular music essays is the style they have to be written in. Especially if such a popular music essay comes as a coursework assignment. on music has to be somewhat critical, somewhat analytical, but generally easy to read.

There are plenty of ways to write popular music essays. You can dedicate them either to the sphere, or to the genre, or even to the age of pop music. Here is how:

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3. "" by Amy Sutherland
One of column's most popular essays and featured in the NYTimes' "" list, the essay explains how animal behavior training can be applied to maintaining a marriage.