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It's remarkable that this year Townshend has a career at all. Three years ago, news that Scotland Yard was investigating him for purchasing child pornography on the Internet in 1999 was met with shock and revulsion. Townshend turned himself in, and said that the Web surfing was for research for A Different Bomb, a (still-unpublished) book based on an anti-child-pornography essay he had written.

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Some people may even decide to write a pornography essay stating that pornography is wrong. This kind of pornography essay is not readily accepted by the public in general as pornography itself is legal. The main aim of a pornography essay of this kind is written for the betterment of the human race, the writers of the pornography essay may firmly believe that the world may be a better place if pornography did not exist. Of course, that is just an individual opinion that is presented in the pornography essay. People may or may not have any regard for a pornography essay of this sort.

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You left off Four New Messages by Joshua Cohen. I picked up a copy at BEA and it’s like Brief Interviews meets the pornography essay. Brilliant.