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What is a position essay? This type of an essay is often times referred to as a persuasive essay. They are not to be used interchangeably but they are very similar. The aspect that makes them so alike is that both allow you to take an issue and present both sides while defending your exact position on the matter. But, what is generally the difference is that a can be written on any subject as a starting point whereas a position paper is usually written as a rebuttal to an original event, article or debate.

Position Essays express the writer's opinion on some debated issue in writing

Being very similar to a , a position allows you to address both sides of an issue and then defend one of the positions. Often times a position essay is written in to an article or a real life .

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Position Essay topics and writing tips

Anyway, a successful position essay is well-grounded, supported by evidence and consistent in style. Despite mentioning different sides of the issue, good writers should take one side and prove to the readers that their position is valid. The alternative position should be refuted and shown as incorrect in the body of the essay. Validity can be corroborated by research, statistics, evidence and profound knowledge on the matter. The use of quotes in position essays is recommended, yet they should be used sparingly not to distract the reader from the writer's position. Using too many quotes in the essay may be viewed that the writer has nothing to say.

A position essay is a broader type of argument than the review, phenomena, or proposal essays but it may incorporate parts from each of these other types of essays. The salient (or defining) trait of a position essay is that it takes a stance on a topic about which there are various opinions. These are probably the kinds of argumentative essays that you wrote in high school that ask you to take a position for or against a topic: abortion, gay marriage, gun control, or the death penalty. Most position essays that you will write in college and after college will not be as clear cut or as worn out as these topics. They are also likely to be topics that have more than two oversimplified positions from which to choose.The first step in writing a position essay is to select a topic that has clearly defined differing opinions. If this essay is for a class, often the topic will be given to you. Steer away from vague topics, however, as these topics will not interest the reader. After the topic is picked, you (even if he or her position is already known) must research both sides of the issue. When representing the opposite opinion, make sure that it is the basic common opinion that is being represented.