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Looking back, the NSF was a really long application. I started my essays about a month and a half before my program deadline. In retrospect, that was the perfect amount of time as each essay needed a lot of going over with other people. Did I say a lot? I mean a lot! My research proposal went through several complete re-writes and about twenty smaller revisions. It helps a lot to get peer feedback for the research proposal as well, and that always takes more time (see ). In terms of the amount of time each essay takes: the statement of purpose took about four times as long to write and revise as the research experience essay. The research proposal took another four times the statement of purpose. I am not joking, the research proposal is a hard essay to write (or at least it was for me). Aside: even though the research proposal was the most time intensive essay (as it was technical), all three essays will require a lot of revision. The only way I got through those essays was with the help of my mom as a third-party reviewer. Find someone who will back you; it makes a world of difference. My essays wouldn't have been close to as strong as they were without her help. Thanks mom! :-)

What makes a great previous research experience essay: Quality over quantity.

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