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An essay, for example, on homosexual chickens (free-range or not was not an issue at the time) suggests that was also not above reporting on the absurd and passing it off as science just to be salacious. More than once you also get the feeling that there was a gap between the lively reportage of on say, the complexities and mechanics of sexual odor and its effects, or say on sex difficulties, both causes and cures, and sexual frankness as we know it today. In other words, all this Olympian tolerant talk about sex under the guise of scientific study, discovery, and public service all seems at times to be a cover for talking about any manner of sex in a democratic mass society.

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Another example of the sexual explicitness of rock music can be found with Jim Morrision. The Doors' dramatic delivery of poetic lyrics set to a classic blues/rock beat won them many fans, but Jim's character won them just as many. Morrison was prone to vulgar displays of self-indulgence onstage. From the beginning, the Doors were barred from playing in many clubs in San Francisco because of Morrison's tendency to mimic sexual self-gratification onstage, many times using the microphone stand as a penile extension (Marsh 1996). "Light...