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A short persuasive essay should be argumentative and have well-defined organization and structure. A short persuasive essay should begin with a title, which reflects the main idea of the essay, and then have audience identification followed by the argumentative points that persuade the readers of your argument by evidences and statistics. Finally, the conclusion part should summarize the whole essay in a clear manner. In producing a successful persuasive essay, evidence and strong conclusion play an important role. It is better to take our expert assistance for crafting persuasive essays as you will be guaranteed 100% success.

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Students select characters that they believe are the most memorable from Cleary's books and write short persuasive essays to explain their choices.

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EN 112 English Composition: Persuasive Writing (3) Emphasizes persuasive writing. Designed to enhance students’ capacity to formulate, organize and express their thoughts cogently, as well as logically and clearly. Students evaluate, and revise short persuasive essays, and read selected practical prose models. Introduction to standard research and bibliographical techniques. Short research paper. Class discussion of both model texts and student writing.