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For me, our history department is excellent, and I figured I'd rather knock out my history credits in high school rather than wait till college to do them. All majors, regardless of what school you attend, will require to fulfill basic requirements (history, math, english blah blah) before you take more specialized classes. So while you think it may be wasting your time now, it could really save you from having to buy one bigaf history textbook that you'll never touch again and from writing stupid essays while you could be doing something else in college. I got a 3 on nsl and 5 on apush, and im expecting another 4 or 5 on whap, so im done with history forever this year.

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We generally tend to blame awful decisions on intentional perversity,astute mischievousness, megalomania, etc. They are there, all right; butany careful study of history, or current events, leads to the invariableconclusion that the single biggest source of terrible mistakes is sheerstupidity. When it combines with other factors (as happens quite often)the results can be devastating.