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For libertarians, suicide is morally permissible because individualsenjoy a right to suicide. (It does not of course follow thatsuicide is necessarily rational or prudent.) Libertarianism, which hashistorical precedent in the Stoics and in Schopenhauer, is stronglyassociated with the ‘anti-psychiatry’ movement of the lasthalf century. According to that movement, attempts by thestate or by the medical profession to interfere with suicidal behaviorare essentially coercive attempts to pathologize morally permissibleexercises of individual freedom (Szasz 2002).

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Writing a suicide essay can be difficult. The reason is because suicides often have troubling circumstances involved. Why else would a person resort to taking their own lives. Usually it is a window into utter despair and tragedy. When writing the of this sort, it is very important that you focus on the point. It is very easy to get off the key topic on projects like these.

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Teenage Suicide Essay Teenage suicide occurs due to a variety of factors

Many people seem to feel that adolescent depression is just something
that teenagers go through and that there is no real reason to be alarmed.
Instead, these young individuals will grow out of it as they get older.
However, depression is very real, and it is a disorder. These individuals
cannot just ‘snap out of' the problems that they are facing. All too
often, these adolescents end up taking their own lives when their
depression gets too painful for them and they have not received the help
that they need. Even the medications that are designed to help them get
through the depression can sometimes make things worse, as various
medications for depression and anxiety carry a risk of suicide, especially
for young people, when they are just starting or just getting off of the
It is important, therefore, to look at the problem of adolescent
depression and suicide from the perspective of the different kinds of
disorders that cause it and the ways that these disorders can be managed so
that the depression can be reduced and the risk of suicide lessened. In
order to do that, the paper will examine major depressive disorder,
dysthymic disorder, and bipolar disorder. Also dealt with in the following
pages will be a literature review that deals with treatment, including
various approaches that are being used or have been used in the past to
treat depression and the risk of suicide in the adolescent population.
Suicide will have a section devoted to it as well, dealing with the various
risk factors and why adolescents choose to take their own lives.
Prevention will also be discussed, and the usefulness of the research
findings will be dealt with and tied into the recommendations that will
have to be made for the future of this issue.
Types of Mood Disorders

Major Depressive Disorder
The different types of mood disorders are one of the most important
things that ...