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Assignment 4.3: Summative Essay ? ELCC Standards 6.1a, 6.1b, 6.1d, and 6.1f
1. What sources of information did you use to find (ELCC Standard 6.1a):
a. The educational theory and concepts related to the history of public education in the U.S.?
b. The impact of political and legal activities have shaped public education?
c. How kinds of policies, laws, and regulations enacted by local, state, and federal authorities have affected schools, and the cultural diversity of your school?
b. What legal and political influences and institutional frameworks have shaped school systems? How can you be involved in the formation and implementation of these practices, particularly how they shape the school and community and provided educational opportunities for children and families in your school? (ELCC Standard 6.1b)
c. What are some examples of policies, laws and regulations have been enacted by local, state, and federal authorities that affect your school? How can you be involved in the formation and implementation of these practices, particularly those that might provide educational and social opportunities for your local students? (ELCC Standard 6.1d)
d. What cultural influence has been significant in forming the policies and programs of the school system, and how can a school administrator become involved in the formation and implementation of these practices? (ELCC Standard 6.1f)

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Students will be assessed throughout the course, through essays, presentations and class participation. There will be one summative essay per term and one presentation per term in MT and LT of the third year of the PPE.

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Step 3: The Summative Essay

Students in grades K-12 participate in a variety of grade level and school-wide outreach endeavors throughout each year. Under the guidance of the administration and faculty, students demonstrate our underlying Christian beliefs by reaching out and serving others in the community. Serving others is a biblical principle that is an essential component of our educational program. As such, graduating seniors are required to complete community service hours in order to be eligible for graduation. This is a long-standing Northwood Academy tradition. Seniors choose from a host of non-profit organizations in our local area. Following the completion of the service hours a summative essay is required to discuss their experience. In addition to the outreach programs at their school, Northwood Academy students, through their own initiative, frequently serve at their churches, and participate in annual mission trips.