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While grades and test scores may play a pivotal role in college admittance, a well written essay can also be a great contributing factor as well. The college application essay allows applicants to share what is most important to them socially, personally, and academically. They give insight into the person who is behind the file by revealing unique and intimate information. You can implement your voice and values in your writing as the prompts might cover mundane subjects, outstanding achievements, or life-changing events. While many students will dread this part of the application process, writing an excellent composition can easily be accomplished by implementing the following structure and tips.

Writing the college application essay

Test scores, transcripts, and lists of accomplishments can be boring and bland. After a while, one just blends into another. However, the college application essay is where the admissions officers get to meet you. And they are as eager to do this as you are. They are working to craft a group of students who are not just the best qualified, but the ones that have the greatest potential to distinguish themselves at the university. For this reason, your college application essay is the aspect of your application that is most helpful to admissions officers.

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