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Frost expresses some very through themes in this poem. By the taking the road less traveled and making the decision to go the way he wants, he demonstrates an act of the theme of individualism. The Traveler is interested in what is best for his self. He does not care what others are doing or what they have chosen. By choosing this path, the traveler shows that he is aware of the situation but understands what he must do, which another theme is shown in this poem. Taking the road he chose seems to be very risky, but this does not detour him from making the decision. This seems increase his likeliness of choosing this road. After he has made his decision, he is committed to his choice and confident it is correct, which another theme. The traveler feels that...

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The Road Not TakenI found the poem, "The Road Not Taken" very interesting. The poet constantly refers to symbolism in the poem. Robert Frost talks about "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry i could not travel both" meaning two different roads one harder then the other. He leaves himself with two choices, the easy road which is taken by many other people and is aware what is ahead, and the road less taken by that is unpredictable. Frost states that "...looked down as far as I...

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Frost, in this lyrical poem introduces the central theme, the dilemma man faces when forced to make a difficult choice and the related consequences of the action. Symbolically, man's choices are reflected in the poem's reference to a fork in the road. In addition, it raises the question of whether it is better to choose a road in which many travel, or to choose the road less traveled and explore on your own. In "The Road Not Taken," the speakers' tone and setting help illustrate the struggle a person goes through in their lives to pick the right road to travel. Frost, when he wrote his poem, appears to struggle with a major decision. While the world was uneasy, it sounds as if his personal world was also in unrest. In addition, Frost, at about 40 years old was approaching his mid-life – a time for many, especially men, to contemplate life, decision, choices made and the future.