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The reflective paper should be written in the first person so you can truly show your thoughts. The paper will seem unnatural if it is written in any other voice. It is also necessary to use a traditional essay format with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In your honest voice, you introduce the situation that brought about the reflection. As you move into the body paragraphs, you provide the details that tell the story of the project and what you learned. The body paragraphs will fit the particulars of the assignment that has inspired the reflective essay; so if you wrote a lengthy research paper, then your reflective essay should include what you learned in the research portion of the project. The conclusion should present the details you want your reader to remember, so your reader will remember the most important events.

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This article reviews a writing-intensive course on nineteenth-century aesthetic prose devised for the undergraduate curriculum of the School of English and Drama at Queen Mary, University of London, and considers the results to date. Using examples of students’ coursework, the article examines the use of logbooks and creative exercises, considers their effectiveness, and attempts to elucidate their advantages over the traditional essay format. A major premise of the course and the article is that appreciation and understanding of literature is enhanced and expanded by the students’ mediation of the texts through their own writing, allowing them to think with and through the literary matter they are exploring and so to extend themselves as writers and thinkers. Writing is thus seen as an essential part of the disciplinary study of literature.

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Policy Design: Choose a situation of harm or a case of wrongdoing, as reported in the media or elsewhere. You must choose a situation where you can acquire enough detailed information to enable you to complete the task as required. Design a restorative or transformative justice process for addressing this situation. This task will require you to consider the specific context of the situation, the desired outcomes, the people who should be involved, the various needs at stake and the resources available to address it. [Note: Because this topic is policy-focussed you are not required to use traditional essay form and may instead write up your analysis in the form of a policy report.]