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High school and college students generally need to write essays for their courses. The types of essays they write will vary, depending on the subject matter and course requirements. An essay may try to convince the reader of something, or it can offer similarities or differences of two things. It could also define, describe, or evaluate something. Essays also might offer the author's personal experience or opinion. Additionally, some essays simply explain how to do something.

For our academic writing purposes we will focus on four types of essay.

There are several types of essays which a student can be asked to write. For instance you can be told to write the following essays: persuasive, expository, argumentative or even an analytical essay. Writing any essay is not hard what matters is whether you are able to know the difference between any given essays. Outlined below are a number of essay types to help you get the difference.

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Can I know the difference between the preference types of essay and descriptive & contrast types of essays?

Something you could use for , , and ? The truth of the matter is, something like that does exist, and it is not a magic pill that is your answer. Writing prompts can be used in every aspect of language learning. The creative little sparks do not have to be limited to the top of a blank page. With a little creativity and a few language education skills, these prompts can make a difference in every area of your curriculum. This series looks at the myriad of uses for writing prompts, many to be used in writing class but others that can be used in conversation and discussion periods, extension activities and creative as well as academic writing. This installment looks at how writing prompts can target specific strategies for academic writing, aka types of essays.

A big question that most students and novel essay writers encounter is "How to write an essay.?" Generally almost all essays follow a general structure of writing which includes introduction, body, and conclusion. Once the writers are clear about how to write an essay, the next step that they confront is how to approach a particular topic. What type and style of writing would work the best?

There are various types of essays that can be used for a selective topic. But before selecting the essay type, the writers need to understand the meaning of each type of essay and in what ways are they different. The following are the different types of essays which can assist the writers in their essay writing:

Comparison and Contrast essay

Comparison and Contrast essay writing includes two themes and identification of possible similarities and differences between those themes. An effectual comparison and contrast essay is one which has a strong ground for comparing and contrasting. This type of essay has equal focus on both the themes with collective and interesting information. When the writers get down to write this type of essay, they should have a clear reason for comparing and contrasting both the themes. The reason is important as it provides focus on the writing.

Persuasive/argumentative essayAn essay can discuss a subject directly or indirectly, seriously or humorously. You can describe your own opinion or can just report information. Essays are written for different purposes and for different occasions in assorted manners. The purpose of writing the essays may be different and so are the essays. There are some major types of essays which are commonly used in academic documents: